I week ago I asked about using the Unlockit.nz APN for my new Straight Talk iphone 4s SIM card I bought from Straight Talk and wanted to know if that was the "proper" way to go about it or not.

Sara from Straight Talk PM'd and said to respond with an email and they would help me. So I did. Only they didn't.

It led to the most frustrating convoluted series of emails that in the end, since I didn't reply quick enough (didn't see the email) the case was closed. Their first reply was "we don't unlock cell phones". Huh? I didn't ask for that, so I replied that I was not asking for that, only that my phone was not jailbroken so I could not access the APN in order to put in the Straight Talk configuration, but I would have to do a SIM swap if the unlockit.nz APN was was not the best way. I went into to some detail that Straight Talk had at one time supplied the APN as a download to use with the iPhone configuration utility but I did not know if that worked with the newer SIM. So Straight Talk then emailed me back and said "we do not jail break phones". Wow. Thanks for assuming! I have no desire to jailbreak my iPhone. My phone worked perfectly when I signed up with you and had a great Customer Representative walk me through it last year. This year? Gosh, just give us a new APN to download and do away with the (I guess) canned responses.